About John Whittington

Hello, I’m a personal and professional development coach and work with private individuals, founders and leaders across many areas of life, of relationships and professional expression of self. I have been teaching systemic coaching and constellations worldwide for ten years and also offer a series of constellation workshops that embrace all kinds of personal and professional challenges that we human beings face.

All my work is underpinned by a growing understanding of the innate human need to belong and the hidden loyalties and dynamics that emerge in systems as a result. These dynamics can make life, relationships and leadership very complex but constellations and the understanding that underpin them offer a practical, respectful way of accessing and then influencing them. The articles on this site are a repository of reflections and insights drawn from my experience in professional practice working with a wide variety of men and women from different parts of the world and in many contexts. For a little more on me as individual coach and group facilitator please explore here

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Keyboard 2About the writing process

In 2011 I met Judy Wilkins-Smith at an international professional development programme for systemic facilitators at The Hellinger Institute in Holland. We started writing together soon after and she contributed a powerful case study to my book ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations’. A regular trans-Atlantic discussion and writing exchange began that resulted in articles and other thought pieces.

Judy lives in Texas, US and has clients throughout North America. She also teaches family and organisational dynamics to groups internationally. She has a particular expertise and experience in identifying the hidden dynamics that sustain and limit individuals in life, in leadership and in intimate relationships. When I conceived this website it was natural to invite Judy to come alongside as a dynamics specialist, so adding the breadth and richness of her experience and perspective to my own.

The topics for each article emerge as a result of the subjects of interest in my client work and my systemic coaching students’ requests. I then set about writing on each subject, integrating experience from within my professional practice as a coach of individuals, leaders and teams.  As a naturally reflective person I learn by thinking, discussion, reading and writing – and I enjoy the richness of the collaboration with Judy and hope it is useful for you.

John Whittington
London, UK