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Systemic Constellations


A constellation is a facilitated mapping process that creates a three-dimensional representation, a living map, that manifests an external expression of an inner, often unconscious, image of a relationship system. In this way constellations quickly illuminate the hidden architecture and dynamics under presenting issues. Constellations use participants in workshops – or objects in one-to-one application  – to represent elements of the system being explored. The patterns, and other information that emerges through the process of representative perception, reveal the hidden entanglements and loyalties – whether they are between people or in relation to more abstract elements like money, a country, health, purpose or legacy.

As a facilitator John has developed a particular use of ‘resonant sentences’, combinations of words which are used in constellations and featured in the articles on this site. Making sense of the patterns which constellations reveal is supported by an understanding of the dynamics that emerge when the organising principles of systems are ignored or violated. These hidden dynamics have a significant impact on life, on intimate relationships and the world of work. Constellations are used to illuminate and then resolve and align in service of the whole system. In this way they show fresh paths to lasting resolution and strengthen individuals and their relationship systems.

Systemic Constellations were developed over a period of many years by facilitator and polymath Bert Hellinger. His intention was to support the flow of life and love in family and social systems. More recently Constellations have been developed for application in personal alignment, executive and team coaching as well as many other settings where they support the flow of life, of intimate relationships and of professional expression.

John teaches systemic coaching and constellations to coaches worldwide and facilitates workshops and personal/professional development retreats for those who are interested in resourcing themselves to face into the challenges of life, love and leadership.

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