John Whittington

Individual Coaching and Constellation Workshop Facilitation

Personal coaching for individuals

If you are serious about responding to what life requires of you, if you want to make a lasting difference in yourself and to the way you respond to the pressures and opportunities life offers, then you have the opportunity to create the sort of life that matters and that you can enjoy. 

If you can agree to everything about yourself and the world just as it is before changing it, then you are ready to live fully. 

I come alongside individuals of repute to enable:

  • An understanding of the deep human need to belong and the effect that has on you and the other people in your family and your business
  • An understanding of the importance of influencing the cycle of joining, belonging and leaving in a respectful way
  • An understanding of the unwritten rules, the organising forces in systems which, when ignored or violated, cause limiting dynamics
  • A fresh view of the system and your place in it, so you can influence with authority and know how to lead change and respond to success and crisis with integrity
  • An inner alignment of your personality and your professional role to enable you to lead with everyone and everything in mind whilst feeling resourced and empowered

Bring your biggest questions and challenges, share your hopes and fears and you will be ready to live and lead in a way that enables you, the business and everyone connected to it to thrive. Leading in this way creates engaged and committed individuals and teams and whole organisations that flow. 

John Whittington

I work with the person with the most responsibility for the whole (most often the founder) to support them create the conditions for organisational health across the system. Inside out and so always starting with them. This enables leadership which creates psychological safety and high performance in engaged individuals and teams that also creates an enduring legacy.

Experiential workshops

I am a not a ‘motivational conference speaker’ nor am I a TED talk style presenter sharing insights from my personal journey. I offer something else: embodied learning about life, about intimate relationships and about leadership. I do this through a mix of engaging presentation and experiences.

I introduce small and large groups to the unwritten rules of life and what it means to truly live, love and lead with the system in mind. All my work is underpinned by an intention to support flow so that individuals, teams and whole organisations can thrive. 

For large groups (30 to 300 people) the participative constellation workshops I facilitate offer a mix of fresh insights and practical tools to use in life and in leadership.

Key content modules offered

The cycle of organisational life

Joining, Belonging and Leaving

The hidden hierarchies in organizations

Understanding the implicit hierarchies

Embodied solutions

Resolving specific issues with constellations

Leading with the system in mind

The 3 brains required for systemic leadership

Murders and acquisitions

The reasons much M&A work fails and how to resolve it

Teams in flow

Resolving the hidden source of inertia or conflict in teams

Customer facing

An embodied experience of being your own customers