Constellation Workshops

Tuesday January 31st, 2017

Theme: Life. Love. Leadership. 
Topic:   Open 
An open topic workshop in which participants are welcome to bring any issue, challenge or question from the existential to the relational or professional. In this safely held and confidential workshop John will facilitate exploration and greater clarity through constellations and systemic exercises. Places limited: maximum number of participants 16.  (A waiting list will open when the workshop fills.)
(Booking opens on December 1st 2016)

Friday March 31st, 2017

Theme: Belonging and Identity
Topic:   ‘Brexit’
A workshop designed to explore our relationship to belonging in personal, cultural and national identity relationship systems.
Places limited: maximum number of participants 20. (A waiting list will open when the workshop fills.)
(Bookings open on December 1st 2016)

Friday May 26th, 2017

Theme: Abundance
Topic:   Money

Exploring your relationship with abundance, flow and money. 20 places only. (A waiting list will open when the workshop fills.
(Applications will open on January 31st 2017)

Friday September 29th, 2017

Theme: Organisational Health
Topic:   Systemic Leadership

Exploring ways of supporting the emergence of ‘organisational health’ through systemic leadership. A workshop for coaches, managers and leaders. 20 places only. (A waiting list will open when the workshop fills.)
Applications will open on July 1st 2017

Thursday November 30th, 2017

Theme: Endings
Topic:   Leaving relationship systems well 

Exploring the most effective ways to end, leave, separate. With respect and true separation.
Resolving incomplete endings and leavings. In both personal and professional relationships.
20 places only. (A waiting list will open when the workshop fills.)
Applications will open on July 1st 2017


Further open and theme workshops will be added through the year and you can suggest themes or topics at any time.
To register an interest or suggest a topic, please mail

“John’s facilitation is masterful yet humble and creates accessible, practical benefits for the client.”

Gayl Long

“Sensitive, safe and very respectful. John creates a powerful learning experience.”

Nadine Hemmer

“These workshops provide insights that cannot be accessed through conventional, rational thinking.”

Dave Loewy

“John’s quiet insight and wisdom are inspiring”

Lindsay Wittenberg

John is a masterful, agile facilitator who teases the invisible parts of the system respectfully back into the light.”

Philippe Truffert


“Unbelievably powerful.”

Steve Ridgley

Constellation Workshops with John Whittington

John facilitates a regular series of workshops, using constellations as the primary methodology, designed to illuminate and clarify challenges, dilemmas and transitions in life, in personal relationships and life at work. The workshops are open to all whether you are new to constellations or are already familiar with the methodology.

Each workshop will respond to the needs of the participants and use constellations and systemic exercises to ensure all participants get greater clarity and movement around their relationship with each subject. Approximately half the day, before and again after lunch, will be focussed on the topic, while the start and end sections of the day will focus on the broader theme and the questions arising from the group. The first workshop opens the 2017 season on the themes of ‘Life, Love and Leadership’.

Further workshops will follow built around specific themes and you can request themes or topics at any time.
To register an interest or suggest a topic, please mail

If you are a coach or leadership development specialist and are interested in training in
Systemic Coaching with Constellations please explore here.

Life Love Leadership Retreats

An annual retreat for personal and professional development
A high quality restorative personal and professional development retreat will be offered in Spain
The first will be announced in 2017

To register interest please mail