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Online Facilitation Kit

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£96.00 inc. VAT

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Using the digital facilitation kit is very simple – you just upload the images of each representative onto your chosen whiteboard and start using them to map and constellate with your clients. You can create multiple whiteboards so that each client has their own and on each you can upload the elements from the kit as many times as you need. Similarly you can duplicate each element as many times as you need so you have an infinite number of representatives in a way that isn’t practical with the physical version. Each representative can be rotated, duplicated and made larger or smaller. This allows you to represent relative place and size in a very clear and visceral way.

The Kit Contents:

User Guide, directional system boundary mats in blue and grey; non directional boundary mats in blue and grey; system boundary circle (alternative to mat); female and male representatives (blank and with ‘Me’); non-human directional block and cylinder representatives (for elements like ‘culture’  ‘money’ etc) non-human omnidirectional block and cylinder representatives. Divider lines. Yellow, blue, green and orange directional Post its. ‘Powered by’ graphics. Please note: you can also upload your own branding, as well as graphics and pictures relevant to your client from any other source as well as the elements like Post-it notes that come with Google Jamboard and other whiteboards.

Digital Whiteboard options

There are many online whiteboards that you can use as a platform from which to collaborate and facilitate remotely with your clients. We mainly use Jamboard and Miro, but there are others like InvisionApp, ConceptBoard and more. The kit can easily be branded with your own identity so it becomes your private domain to share with your clients. The elements within your new digital facilitation kit can be uploaded to any of these whiteboards and then used adjacent to your Zoom screen..


Please note that this kit is sold solely for your use with your clients. It is protected under Creative Commons Rights and should not be shared with others. However, once you have purchased the kit you can make as many copies of each representative as you need for multiple clients.