Directional Mats & Floor Markers | Set of Four

£30.00 inc. VAT



These unique directional mats can be used as ‘floor markers’ for mapping with clients and for defining the system boundary for tabletop work in a number of different ways. Each set includes four mats: two in grey and two in blue. Each mat comes with a ribbon loop so that it can be carried with ease.

Each mat has a removable arrowhead that can be used in a number of different ways. The arrowheads can be swapped to create emphasis (blue arrowhead in a grey mat for example), removed to reveal the striking cut-out, or retained to create a complete one-colour disc. In any configuration or combination these work very well as directional or non-directional and as floor markers or tabletop system boundaries.

These mats are only sold in sets of four (two blue, two grey) and are packed in a slim box.


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