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Oana Tanase

Oana Tanase

Oana is a systemic and executive coach supporting entrepreneurs to take themselves and their business to the next level. She founded ‘Leadership Sistemic’ and offers systemic coaching and facilitation for leaders and coaches. A natural teacher and coach Oana, is currently completing her PhD thesis on systemic leadership.

She is an advanced and experienced practitioner of systemic coaching and constellations, completing her training journey with Coaching Constellations at the ‘Path to Mastery’ level and has co-facilitated with Doru and John on several occasions.

Oana now co-leads, with Doru, Coaching Constellations Romania and co-facilitates our trainings and masterclasses internationally online.

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Michael Cahill

Michael Cahill

Michael is a coach, facilitator and very experienced teacher. Based in London, he also works extensively across Ireland. Passionate about learning and growth, he is an NLP Trainer, ‘Time to Think’ consultant and keen student of the Enneagram – and integrates these approaches with his Systemic Coaching.

His work is also underpinned by a deep understanding of value creation in business, having spent 16 years as a City analyst.

In 2019 Michael  completed our ‘Path to Mastery’ programme and now facilitates on our Fundamentals trainings and is co-leading the 2020 Practitioner programme.

Michael also leads our work in Dublin, Ireland.

Richard Spence

Richard Spence

I am a coach and psychotherapist.

I’m passionate about coaching to improve our personal and professional resourcefulness and overall wellbeing. I’ve studied family constellations, organisational constellations and a masters training in Systemic Work.

As an Executive coach but also a qualified psychotherapist with a Masters degree and Clinical Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. This is an approach which supports us to be more settled, creative and connected.

As a volunteer, I am a former co-director of Central London Samaritans and a trustee and previous first Chair of Trustees for the charity ‘The Listening Place’ from inception to its current exponential growth.

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Maren Donata Urschel

Maren Donata Urschel

Maren supports her clients in respectfully acknowledging, integrating and resolving personal and professional relationship dynamics that feel difficult, unclear and challenging. A particular focus of her work is creating awareness around how and on what clients spend their energy to enable them to make conscious choices that best serve them and the systems they belong to. Maren’s style is warm, intuitive, analytic, direct and collegiate. She works face-to-face and virtually with individuals and groups.

She is an experienced systemic supervisor facilitator and coach based in Berlin, Germany. She works face-to-face and virtually with individuals and groups. Maren is fluent in English, German and Italian and has lived and worked in the UK and in Switzerland for 20 years.

Following several years of co-facilitating the London trainings Maren now leads the Coaching Constellations workshops and trainings in BERLIN and internationally online in German, Italian and English.

John Whittington

John is the founder of Coaching Constellations and is lead facilitator on all programmes from ‘Fundamentals Part II’ through the ‘Walking in the Field’ Practitioner trainings. His book, ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations’ was published in expanded 3rd Edition in September 2020 and is available through multiple outlets.

He spent four years training in family constellations, after twenty years as a manager and then business leader. He then trained as a coach. In 2008 John started an informal learning circle in order to share the stance, principles and practices that underpin systemic coaching. Over time this grew into an accredited training and, in 2009, ‘Coaching Constellations’ was born. John now leads the facilitation team and the ‘by invitation’ international trainings. All trainings, together with workshops and professional practice and supervision days are listed on the diary page