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Illuminating the hidden dynamics in founder-led and family business

Finding your place, making a difference

A three day experiential learning journey, autumn 2024

Day 1: Online, Thursday 5th September 2024
Day 2 & 3: Thursday and Friday 19th and 20th September in London
“This workshop was profoundly useful. I had several key insights about my own relationship to founding that has allowed me to move forward in a way that supports me and my business.”

Annette D, founder and coach

“John is a masterful facilitator who always holds you in safe hands. Often it seems that he knows where are you going much before you do.”

Maja T, coach and facilitator


Working as or with a ‘solopreneur’, founder-led or family business system can be exciting and rewarding, but is also often very challenging. For the founders, owners and their employees – as well as their coaches and consultants.

A systemic perspective and method offers a respectful way to surface what’s held in the unconscious of these complex systems.

For example, founders are sometimes trying to attend to an unconscious need to belong, by creating a sense of ‘my family’. Others are caught up in a fight with a need to control everything. These and other deep patterns cause a number of challenging dynamics in the business that can be respectfully illuminated and softened through systemic intervention and constellations.

Difficulties with control, letting go and handing on to the next generation are distinctive challenges and common patterns in a family business. As the organisational system ages, the original energy or intention can become less clear or energising. There is very often also a need to address the question: who and what has priority in this business?

This three-day learning journey offers a comprehensive introduction to this many-layered topic as well as offering opportunities to explore particular issues connected to a founder-led or family business system you are in or work with as a coach or consultant.


This learning journey will be facilitated by John Whittington, founder of Life Love Leadership, Coaching Constellations and author of  ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations.’

The Training

This three-day training (one day online, followed by two days in-person) offers a deep-dive for those systemic coaches who work with founders or with family business systems. It is for those with some training in systemic coaching with constellations and who have also read ‘Systemic Coaching & Constellations.

The workshop will offer you an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the key patterns seen in founder-led and family business systems
  • Find your place alongside or within a specific founder-led or family business so you can stand in your authority and make a difference
  • Learn exercises designed to support clarity of role and place for founders and family businesses
  • Be a part of several constellations (online and in-person) as a client and as a representative.

Fees and bookings

Fees for this training are as follows:

  • Individually funded – you are paying as a private individual, self-employed or freelance coach: £875 (+VAT)
  • Sponsored – you are attending as a coach, facilitator, behavioural change or organisation consultant funded by a substantial business: £1,350 (+ VAT)

You are welcome to reserve a place on the booking form. Following submission of your application an invoice will be issued for a deposit of £250 (+VAT). Payment of the deposit will secure your place as we fill this training on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Please follow the ‘Enquiries & Bookings’ button below.

Continuing Professional Development

Participating in the whole three-day training will provide participants a certificate that includes 18 hours of ICF accredited (CCEUs) professional development.